ODC’s Publications

  • The 21st Century Manager – ODC’s bi-monthly newsletter launched in July 2016.
  • The Organisation (1998 - 2010): ODC Inc.'s quarterly magazine that focused on management and organisational issues of the service and development sectors. (To be re-launched in August 2016)
  • Organisation Development in the South (first published in 2002): This book is a practical approach to understanding organisation development process and the conceptual framework for its practice. It is an attempt to synthesise and make accessible concepts and interventions of Organisational Development (OD) to a wider audience.
  • Century 21 Manager (first published in 2002): This book offers a managerial perspective vis-a-vis human resources development and discusses different challenges as the millennia change. It serves as a guideline for current and potential managers and HR professionals to help the managerial personnel to break with tradition and be a forward thinker.
  • In Conversation with Development Practitioner (first published in 2002): The author reflected on the current development thinking in the South and North and shared with readers his views and experiences on the current issues in development and development management. This book contributes to the ongoing debate for making development and management more meaningful and responsive to the changing needs of the people and organisations.
  • Making Sense of Management (first published in 2002): This manual responds to the needs of management students and management practitioners introducing them not only to the general management concepts but also to organisation behaviour and management practices topics in developing and industrialised countries.
  • Effective Management in the South (first published in 2002): Keeping in view the current volatile and competitive environment, there is a critical need for a practical and straightforward approach to help organisations develop the adaptive and coping capabilities to change and competition. This book is a practical approach to understanding organisation development process and the conceptual framework for its practice.
  • Management and Organisational Behaviour (first published in 2000): This book introduces general management concepts, Organisational Behaviour (OB) and management practices and is directed mostly to management students and management practitioners.
  • Managing People (first published 1999): The book talks about human relations at the work place and their effects on motivation, competence and performance. The concepts of Organisational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resources Management have been introduced along with cases that reflect the practical problems in management of organisations in Nepal.
  • Managing Stress and Conflict (first published in 1998): This book attempts to define conflict and reasons behind it. It discusses the potential situations with special reference to organisations and also looks at the impact of conflict at workplace on individuals’ lives.
  • I Power: The Power of the Individual and the Effectiveness of the Organisation (first published in 1998): This book draws upon the writer’s experiences and studies on individual and organisational behaviour. It develops the concept of self (I-power) leading it to the ‘we’ and ‘they’ power. It elaborates on the inherent dynamics across organizational hierarchies and suggests how proper recognition of ‘I’s could result in better performance and increased effectiveness.
  • Human Resource Management Manual - Internal ODC Resource Publication, 2002

Current Activities / News

The 21st Century Manager-ODC Launches Newsletter

Summer Training Courses 2016

  • Financial Management for non-Financial Staff
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Proposal and Report Writing
  • Theory of Change
  • The 21st Century Leader: Inspiring Leaders and Managers (August 2016)

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