The Organisation

The mainstream development practitioner’s magazine

The Organisation magazine is a well read, well regarded vehicle for knowledge sharing and thought provocation. The magazine aims to:

  • Be a mouthpiece for development advocacy and provide an open space for sharing interesting and stimulating information that adds to the social and development discourse in Nepal.
  • Share research and provide updates on contemporary issues for the development field
  • Be an agent for change, increasing the potential use of knowledge for enhanced performance in the sector
  • Become the ‘first choice’ advertising medium for recruiting managers and service providers aiming at the development market/field

The magazine was started in 1998 and has not been published since 2008. ODC will publish the next issue in August 2016.

An Editorial Board determines the theme of each magazine and it is the responsibility of the Editor to source relevant materials. Getting valuable articles from reputable writers is not easy (for any magazine); no financial compensation is provided. Getting your work in print and receiving 6 issues in total (3 of which contains the contributor’s article and each of the next 3 issues) is the only incentive ODC provides to encourage writers to contribute.

In publication/journalism terms, The Organisation is a mainstream development practitioner’s magazine. It is a serious magazine that aims to be a source of knowledge, ideas, good practice and provide ‘food for thought’ for practitioners and learners. There is little good fresh material and literature in the market place for wide access so the Magazine attempts to fill a known gap.

As an organisation, ODC is reviewing its strategy and direction and is placing significant value on the magazine as the voice for its work in the development sector.

We invite development practitioners, managers and others to contribute articles to the next issue of the magazine. The theme is “ Survival - .....”We have clear guidelines for contributors.

Some of the past issues of The Organisation can be downloaded here.

The Organisation Volume 12 Issue 3

Current Activities / News

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Summer Training Courses 2016

  • Financial Management for non-Financial Staff
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Proposal and Report Writing
  • Theory of Change
  • The 21st Century Leader: Inspiring Leaders and Managers (August 2016)

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